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Kindergarten Rules

Kindergarten Rules 2017/2018


  1. Looking eyes
  2. Listening ears
  3. Quiet mouth
  4. Helping Hands
  5. Walking Feet


*hitting, spitting, pushing, biting, cutting hair or clothes may result in being immediately sent to the principal’s office.


Consequences for breaking a classroom rule/social contract:


Green:  Great day

Yellow: Warning (check your behavior sign), then move to yellow (-5 on conduct grade)

Blue: 4 Questions What are you doing? (-10 on conduct grade)

  1. What are you supposed to be doing?
  2. Are you doing it?
  3. What are you going to do about it?

Purple:  Question 5 – What is going to happen if you break the rules or social contract again? Call home or Logical Consequence (-15 on conduct grade)

Red:   Behave out (to Principals office, -25 on conduct grade)


*Severe disruption could result in immediately being sent to Principal’s office


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